In the listed hotels certain number of rooms have been reserved for HBSM-2015 participants. For booking please contact the hotel directly by e-mail and indicate HBSM-2015 in the subject line. If you have questions or problems with booking, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail also to hbsm2015(at)

The complete list of Tartu hotels (as well as other useful information) can be found at and you can book an hotel online at

Hotel name Address Contact Remarks
Draakon Raekoja plats 2
phone +372-7442045
GSM +372-5019173
Located next to Town Hall
Park Vallikraavi 23
phone +372-7427000
Located in the historical centre of Tartu.
Tartu Soola 3
phone +372-7314300
Located next to central bus station.
Kantri Riia 215
phone +372-7383044
Located at the border of the town, but only 10-15 min walk to conference venue. You can also use bus No 1.
Raadimõisa Mõisavärava 1
Vahi alev
Tartu vald
phone +372-7338050